Sealed credit card envelopes might not be as safe as most people imagine. A man surnamed Li in Chengdu was recently defrauded 50,000 yuan when a thief made off with his unopened credit card and an old airplane ticket.

Li was contacted by the bank in March and informed of the withdrawals, by he initially assumed it was a fraudulent call since his card had never been activated. When the calls kept coming he realized he had been a victim of theft.

Li said a burglar entered the company office in February and stole his unopened credit card and an old airplane ticket. The Chengdu City Public Security Bureau said the thief used his ID number from the plane ticket to activate the credit card.

Information from the bank showed that the card was used to make withdrawals on February 22, 27, 28 and 29 at an ATM machine near his office. The total cash withdrawal was 49,000 yuan.

Li said his cell phone did receive a cash withdrawal message, but he assumed it was a fraudulent message.

Camera records from the bank show the thief approaching the ATM with a white T-shirt over his head and gloves. While operating the machine, he frequently covered his eyes with his hands.

Police said they arrested the thief on May 5, who had in his possession two laptop computers he stole the night before.

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