Mother’s Cook is a new restaurant opened by a long-time Beijing resident and media worker. The small bistro collects classic recipes intended to remind people of home.

The small restaurant is located near Worker’s Stadium and is packed with waiting customers. Near its entrance is a large blackboard that has a message about how modern people are often too busy to accompany their mothers.

Because the menu is based around home cooking, Mother’s Cook has a rather ordinary menu by Chaoyang District standards. Its bestselling dishes are sweet and sour ribs and scrambled eggs with tomato. reviewers praised the large portions and the use of plums to pack a bit more flavor into the ribs.

In addition to traditional Chinese home cooking, the restaurant also serves some popular Sichuan dishes such as maoxuewang (Chongqing-style boiled blood cubes) and mapo tofu. Some reviewers have noted how closely the restaurant’s take on many dishes matches what they had in their own home.

Although a home restaurant, the average price in Mother’s Cook soars to 70 yuan – far more than what’s seen in comparable Beijing bistros.

But even with that high price, customers need to wait for hours to get a seat on the weekend or during weekdays at dinner. We recommend calling ahead to make a reservation.

Room 110, Building 6, Zhongguohong Jie, Chaoyang
(010) 8587 1822

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