The Box is Busy is a new addition to Guanghua Lu’s impressive restaurant collection. Being located in a business zone with high office worker traffic, the restaurant focuses on offering some of the capital’s best food delivery.

The idea to start a restaurant came when two college friends shared a bowl of Laotang Beef in Hunan province after waiting more than an hour to be seated. Shocked by its rich flavor, two decided to bring it to the capital.

Given The Box is Busy’s Hunan roots, dishes tend to be quite spicy and the legendary Laotang Beef is its most popular dish.

Reviewers on praised the restaurant’s amazing customer service. The Box is Busy fulfills orders anywhere inside Fifth Ring Road, and each comes wrapped in a personalized black box – a nod to its name. But what makes its delivery service special is the use of heated delivery bags that can keep any order warm for up to two hours.

Old Sichuan Toothpick Meat is another popular dish at the restaurant. The name refers to thinly sliced meat cubes served with rich, hot peppers and cumin. The specialty is a late-night snack best enjoyed over a soccer game with friends and family. The Box is Busy’s pig feet – called the “best in Beijing” – are another favorite of late-night orders.

Delivery is available from 10:30 am to 12:30 am.

Room 323, Guanghua Lu SOHO, Chaoyang
(010) 6561 6773
52 yuan

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