Looking for a Chinese take barbecued pork ribs and other American favorites? Shilaijiuzuo, a two-story restaurant managed by a few 30-year-olds on Banqiao Nan Xian, offers ribs and other foreign favorites on a street that is far removed enough from Guijiu to be free of the street’s infamous noise.

Shilaijiuzuo’s pork ribs are stewed in soy sauce before being baked. The sauce gives the ribs a deep color and the stewing preserves a lot of moisture to ensure a delicious texture.

Aishen salad and haishen salad are also popular orders. Served with a yoghurt sauce, the salads are nutritious and attractive. The haishen salad is covered with tuna, and its honey mustard sauce makes the salad tasty and refreshing.

It also serves Tex-Mex tacos stuffed with roasted chicken, beef paste, diced avocadoes, tomatoes, lettuce, green peppers and corn on a corn tortilla. They are a crispy and delicious mix of seasoned meat, fresh vegetables and salsa.

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