The stunning defeat of Go champion Lee Sedol by Google’s AlphaGo made headlines around the world last week.

The champion and the computer faced off on March 9, with Lee losing his first three matches. Lee managed one victory during the fourth match on March 13, but he was trounced again by the machine in their final meeting on March 15.

The match has brought attention to both Lee and his autobiography, Against the War:The Autobiography of Lee Sedol.

Lee is regarded as the greatest Go player both in Korea and worldwide. His professional record includes 27 months of constant victories, and his personal record includes a 32-game winning streak and 15 world championships.

His autobiography recalls many life experience that lead him to Go, including how he took an interest in the game, his family and his thoughts on Go after decades of play.

While literary critics may berate Lee’s blunt language, his words are humorous and often self-deprecating as he discusses his attitude toward Go rather than his game technique.

While Lee may have lost to AlphaGo, that doesn’t mean humans have lost to machines, Lee said. He said he expects that another player will be able to identify and exploit the machine’s weakness.

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