Meizhou Dongpo could be one of the most popular chain restaurants in Beijing. Opened in 1996, the Beijing-based chain now has more than 20 branches in the capital. As a Sichuan restaurant, Meizhou is famous for its affordable price and its late-night service.

With spacious rooms and modern designs, the restaurant is great for friends and college gatherings. Most customers on Dianping rate it highly and say the sizable portions are well worth the money.

Customers recommend chicken noodles (jisi liangmian), dongporou and Kung Pao chicken. Most Meizhou Dongpo branches serve dinner until 2 am – making the chain especially popular with latenight workers.

The restaurant’s owner Wang Gang came to Beijing when he was 16 to study cooking. Wang was enthusiastic about Dongpo Cuisine, created by legendary ancient poet Su Dongpong.

If you have not tried Meizhou’s food, it’s probably the city’s best option for sampling Dongpo Cuisine.

Meizhou Dongpo Restaurant

Building 1, Tuanjiehu Dong Li, Chaoyang
(010) 8598 0158

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