Beijing duck may be the most famous authentically Chinese dish in the world. Its crispy skin, juicy meat and unique dining style have won it worldwide acclaim. Although, Beijing’s roasted duck might be China’s most famous, duck is used in many Chinese cuisines.

The next most famous might be Nanjing’s yanshui duck.

Beijing Duck

Nanjing Yanshui Duck (Nanjing Salty Duck)

The roots of Nanjing’s notoriously salty duck are more recent. Some records say its history goes back to the 14th century, but it only made a name for itself during the Qing Dunasty.

Duck meat is typically rich in fat, but not especially greasy. Nanjing Salted Duck prepared shortly before or after mid-Autumn is reputed to taste the best because the ducks are harvested during the peak of sweet osmanthus blooming season.

The dish is often regarded as a dish to share. Locals and tourists alikehit the streets to pick up a Nanjing Salted Duck.

Preparations are extensive, and each salty duck must be marinated in salt for two days to let the flavor sink in. Although the dish is very famous, it is hard to cook well. In the hands of an inexperienced chef, the duck will end up much too salty.

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