The 2016 Festival Croisements organized by the French Embassy in China begins at the end of April. The multidisciplinary performances and exhibitions have become a yearly doorway for cultural exchange between China and France since 2006, when the Annees Croisees France-China Festival ended.

This year’s Croisements will highlight creative youth in the world of French music, visual arts and drama and promote the exploration of unknown territories and hybrid art forms.

Chinese classic music lovers can look forward to welcoming the young French soprano Sabine Devielhe, who was named Victory of the Lyric artist last year.

Directed by Oliver Py, a giant of French theatre, the musical play The Girl, the Devial and the Windmill will introduce a story of beauty, hope and fidelity, as well as violence, danger and loneliness based on a Brothers Grimm fairy tale.

Another musical play, Closing of Love, will be presented by Beijing’s Penghao Theatre. Written by Pascal Rambert, the director of the T2G theatre in Gennevilliers for the 2011 Avignon Festival, the play will be adapted to a Chinese version by Pascal himself, taking an everyday domestic dispute and transforming it into a cruel, jaw-dropping spectacle.

In terms of theatre art, UniFrance and the French Embassy in China have decided to organize the 13th Panorama of French Cinema in several cities for Chinese audience to see the best in contemporary French film. With its selection of long and short films, the Panorama is a unique opportunity for Chinese viewers to discover an eclectic sample of new films reflecting the diversity that make up the “seventh” French art.

The Panorama of French Cinema is scheduled to be part of the Beijing International Film Festival in April.

Organizers of Croisements have also invited French photographer Oliver Roller to present his Xi’an Photography Project that juxtaposes the buried army in Xi’an with Roman statues.

As for visual art, the exhibition “A Vision of the World” will be featured with a selection of works from the video art collection of French couple Isabelle and Jean-Conrad Lemaitre, which consists of recent videos and films by young artists in 20 countries.

Highlighted by the 2015 Croisements Festival, the literature and activities for children will continue as a link between the two countries’ younger generations. The author and children’s book illustrator Anne Bertier will give a series of workshops for children in six cities. In Beijing, she and Gaja Maffezzoli, a musical performer, will join forces to offer workshops in visual arts and digital music. An exhibition based on her two illustrated books, Blacks and Whites, will be held at the Beijing Institut Francais and in other cities.

More details about the cultural events for the 2016 Croisements Festival are available on the website of the French Embassy in China at

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