Dreams don’t only come true in fairytales. Zhang Defen, the first Chinese “chicken soup” writer from Taiwan, teaches readers about the magic needed to make any dream into reality.

Zhang graduated from Taiwan University with a degree in Business Management. She worked as a reporter and broadcaster for several years before pursuing a Master’s of Business Administration degree at UCLA.

In 2002, Zhang was inspired by psychological experts and quit her well-paid job to study yoga and psychology for six years. She learned many therapies for psychological treatment and some tips for self-improvement. Zhang read more than a hundred books about yoga and psychology and focused on the revolution and improvement of human consciousness.

You Who Make All Dreams Come True is Zhang’s book of theories and anecdotes published in 2008.

In a mysterious country – far, far away – all people live happily and have everything they want. The princess knows that the country has a secret of making all wishes come true and said she will marry anyone who finds the secret and brings it back. Anan is one of the determined suitors.

On Anan’s journey, he witnesses the death of his friends, meets the empress of a mysterious country and – by accident – gets the chance to study in a mysterious school where people learn how to make all wishes come true.

But the more Anan learns, the more he discovers. Anan finds that the real way to make wishes come true is far more complicated than he was taught.

As well as You Who Make All Dreams Come True, Zhang also has other psychology books that give readers a better understanding of themselves and their relationships with others.

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