The Alliances Francaises network, along with the embassies of Canada, Switzerland and Belgium and the Quebec office in China, are announcing the 9th Mars and Folie Music Festival.

This year’s March Madness event includes 30 concerts in 14 Chinese cities from March 10 to 25. Francophone artists will play various genres including indie pop, pop, jazz and rap.

The festival features four artists and bands hailing from the Wallonia-Brussels region in Belgium, Canada’s Quebec province, France and Switzerland.

Nicolas Michaux is an indie pop artist based in Brussels. His songs are inspired by his travels around the world, from Denmark all the way to Congo, by the cities and landscapes he’s seen and the people he’s met. His songs talk about love, happiness and light, but also about the destructive forces in the world. On his tour to China, Michaux will be accompanied by guitarist Clement Nourry.

Felix Dyotte, from Quebec, will also perform during the festival. Dyotte was behind the success of several bands in the 2000s, including The Undercovers, The Stills and Chinatown, and has collaborated with famous Canadian musicians such as Pierre Lapointe and Jean Leloup.

Now Dyotte is presenting his first album in a style he describes as “elegant pop.” The 13 songs on his album portray the ups and downs of intricate love stories.

The French band Babel will also perform at the festival. The quartet band was established in 2010 and boasts a free-spirit style. Their music, played on guitar, cello, keyboard and turntable, finds itself at the intersection of jazz and hip-hop.

Fabian Tharin is a Swiss who plays ballroom punk chanson music. Tharin, who loves to experiment with his music, is considered one of the most original and surprising artists in Switzerland. For his fourth album, he has convinced several artists to lend their voices to the songs and perfect the hip-hop rhythms.

The artists will perform in 14 cities across China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou and Hangzhou.

The Beijing performance will take place at 7 pm on March 18 in Yugong Yishan.

Yugong Yishan
3-2 Zhang Zizhong Lu, Dongcheng
(010)6404 2711

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