It’s been three months since Beijing Tourism Group broke ground on Universal Studios Beijing, and Duan Qiang, chairman of the group, said the park is on schedule to open in October.

Liu Yi, general manager of the group, said a single ticket will guarantee access to whole park, and that the group is starting on a second park that adds more Chinese elements. Universal Studios Beijing, the park’s sixth location, is expected to be the world’s largest. Duan said the theme park and resort area will take up 4 square kilometers, making it five times the size of the park’s Singapore location and twice the size of its Japan location.

Two hotels in the resort area will begin construction this year.

Liu told Beijing Youth Daily that the price of admission will depend on the market and will be similar to park admission costs in the US and Singapore. “The price of most domestic theme parks is about 200 yuan. The price for Universal Studio will be more expensive,” Liu said.

The park will feature rides based on American movies such as Jaws and Jurassic Park. Duan said films such as Harry Potter will also be included.

The second park will include many Chinese elements such as Journey to the West, pandas and popular Chinese animations and stories.

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