From Russian with Love, a joint art exhibition of Russian contemporary paintings, opened at the Russian Cultural Center on January 21.

The two-week exhibition, consisting of 40 or more representative pieces by renowned Russian artists, such as Boris Chuprov, Evgeny Pavlovich and Olga Melnikova, arrived in Beijing with the support of the Russian Cultural Center in Beijing and the Art Without Boundaries Association.

Exhibited works share several common characteristics and exemplify Russian artistic perspectives. Each shows the artists’ love of their motherlands and of Russia’s natural landscapes and life scenes.

Seven participating artists have traveled from Moscow to Beijing to meet local viewers at the Russian Cultural Center.

Boris Chuprov, whose works are collected by renowned Russian museums such as the Museum of the Great Patriotic War and many overseas personal collectors, and Evgeny Pavlovich, the 78-year-old artist who has been working for a Moscow art foundation since 1965, attended the opening ceremony and guided audiences through the exhibition.

As a comprehensive exhibition of Russian art, From Russian with Love overcame significant logistical difficulties to bring the country’s art abroad.

China, with its growing art market and everlasting enthusiasm for contemporary Russian art, is a promising venue for Russian galleries and art institutions to promote domestic art and artists.

The Russian Cultural Center in Beijing said it is planning more events to bridge Russian and Chinese art and push forward Sino-Russian cultural exchange.

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