In addition to being a doctor of physics, professor, fitness coach and famous travel writer, Lu Ming is also one of China’s most popular science writers.

His works have been published on Shaonian Wenyi (Children’s Art), Harvest, Applied Physic Letters, and “One,” an app that collects popular works from excellent writers.

Lu’s articles have been so popular that they are driving downloads of the One app. In January, Lu published his first book, which collects all his popular works released on the app.

Because of his major, Lu often relies on physics to generate his analogies for exploring life’s truths and social phenomena.

If there’s an easy way to sum up his style, it’s the antithesis of Chicken Soup. Lu’s short stories are written in very direct and plain language.

In “Running Times,” a young man performs on the athletic track to win applause but finally falls in love with a tolerant girl who makes him love running instead of acting to run.

“Goddess” tells a story of a group of women who live at the edge of society under big pressure. Their special occupation brings them unfair treatment from the public. Will they be treated equally according to their personality and morality?

“Fireworks in the City” is about an Old Shanghai alley and the arrival of modern Shanghai.

The book also includes different life themes that are familiar to most readers, such as youth, homesickness and separation. His simple sentences are always so sharp and direct that readers shed tears.

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