Questions about workers’ rights and legality can confuse both newcomers and people with years of work experience. The Goddess of Justice Never Opens Her Eyes, published this month, provides readers with professional and useful advice on using basic law.

The book was compiled by Zhihu, a popular online discussion site that has a legal section where users can ask questions, share experiences and get answers.

In the three years since its founding, Zhihu has climbed to become one of the Top 100 websites ranked on It has a user base of nearly 40 million specialists in the fields of technology, business, culture and the sciences.

But law questions are the most common, according to the statistics collected by Zhihu.

The new book includes the most useful answers as voted by Zhihu users. Lawyers, judges and prosecutors also contributed their own suggestions.

The book is full of case studies and experiences, as well as suggestions about potential risks in work.

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