Wang Lu, a writer at, regards himself as a person who doesn’t know much about news. He writes freely and publishes often.

Critics said Wang’s earlier words were extreme and filled with aggression. But to Wang’s way of thinking, they were a result of poverty. Better earnings have tempered his tongue.

Jiji Fu Jiji, Wang’s new book, is something of a semi-serious treatise on the secular world. Although the book contains real stories, all are filtered through his headstrong viewpoint.

“I was bitten by a stray cat when I was feeding her. I wrote about it and was surprised when people told me that I shouldn’t have risked my life to help something that can fend for itself. I think that’s when I realized my thought process is very different,” Wang said.

The book is full of similar argument fuel, where compassion or foolishness depends on the eye of the beholder.

The book is divided into four chapters: Start, Observe, Group and Complain. Each has more than 10 short narratives.

Suyi, one of Wang’s longtime readers, noted the book was “verbose,” and that Wang seemed to write down everything the happened in his life – good or bad, positive or negative.

Even his biggest critics should find something they share in common with Wang this time, she sa~

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