In spite of numerous pre-natal inspections, a woman surnamed Wang gave birth to a child with leg edema caused by a neuroblastoma cancer on December 26, 2012. Three years later, her child remains unable to walk.

The medical disaster drove Wang to file a lawsuit against Fuxing Hospital of Capital Medical University, which performed six prenatal tests before her delivery and gave her no notice of potential birth defects.

Wang said a B ultrasound scan revealed her abdominal wall was unusually thick when she was 20 weeks pregnant. The doctor did not notify her of the anomaly, she said.

As a significant tool for detecting fetal deformities, a B ultrasound scan clearly portrays the body structure of the fetus. Wang said the hospital only offered her a blurry image.

The hospital said medical limitations make it impossible for regular prenatal tests to detect all potential diseases. It also said its ultrasound image was no blurrier than is common in the procedure, and that tumors are impossible to detect from the image.

In September, the Xicheng District Court ruled that Fuxing Hospital bore 20 percent responsibility in the case and ordered it to pay 50,000 yuan in medical fees, nursing care and compensation.

Wang filed an appeal and sought an additional 800,000 yuan in compensation. The Beijing Second Intermediate People’s Court heard the case on December 21, but its judgment has not been announced publicly.

A gynecologist who refused to be named told the Beijing News that the doctor operating the B ultrasound scanner failed in his duty to notify Wang about the potential risks of her thickened abdominal wall after one of the scans. However, associating that anomaly without neuroblastoma would have been impossible, she said.

The boy is now attempting to enroll in a school. “Few kindergartens will accept my boy, and all are far from where we live and require me to accompany him all day long. I might have to quit my job for him,” Wang said.

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