Marital problems related to sex and love are more serious in China than many imagine – especially for women.

Modernization has confronted Chinese women with more kinds of love relationships than existed in the past, but traditional views leave them with precious few placed to turn to help.

Those with confused hearts might find some inspiration in Dear, There is No Mr. Right in This World, released by Pan Xingzhi in October to help girls and women with love affairs.

Pan Xingzhi is the CEO of Xingzhi Emotion Consulting. His book draws from the work of hundreds of psychologists to help women achieve independence and find their true love.

People – especially women – are married to an idea that they have to find their “Mr. Right.” But Pan said there is no right person for anyone, and perfect lovers don’t exist.

The closest a couple can get to perfect is when both partners work to protect and nurture their love.

The book is divided into four chapters. Each has a theme and section for women of different ages.

The first chapter is for young women in their 20s. Young women tend to like bad boys, and the chapter explains the psychology of this attraction and offers advice. The chapter also includes advice for young women who marry early.

Chapter two is aimed at married women who need to know how to balance the relationship between their mother, husband and mother-in-law. It also advises mature women about what kind of men are reliable.

Chapter three mainly talks about life after years of marriage, how to survive the first seven-year itch and doubts that most women have about their husbands.

Chapter four is about other problems such as family violence, sex, mistresses, homosexuality and other unusual relationship troubles.

Many readers said the cases were similar to things they experienced in life. Some people said they tried the suggestions in the book, and that they saved their marriage.

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