Yóu Cài Huā (油菜花)

The Chinese language has four tones, which people use differently when they write online because of the typing system. Yóu Cài Huā means canola flower, but netizens use it to describe talented people – Yŏu Cái Huá. When you type “you cai hua” on a computer or smartphone, the first suggested phrase is Yóu Cài Huā. So people have started to use that when they want to say someone is talented.


Wuli means “my” or “our” in Korean. Chinese girls love Korean TV series and actors, so they imitate how they speak. When girls talk about their idol, or Obba (which means “brother” in Korean), they often say “Wuli blah blah blah” to express their love for the celebrity.

Dān Mĕi(耽美)

Dān Mĕi means “boy’s love.” The expression first appeared in Japanese modern literature to describe the naturalist literary movement. Its Japanese pronunciation is “tanbi,” and Chinese people made it Dān Mĕi. Later the expression came to describe the pure and simple love between boys.

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