By this time in November, there are only a few places in the city where people can still see red leaves.

Leaves only turn red within a certain temperature range, and the best time has already passed. For people who were late in planning their fall outings, it can be hard to find threes that still have anything other than yellow leaves.

We suggest you hurry, because the remaining red leaves won’t survive too many windy days.

Beijing Great Wall

Late September to late October is the most colorful season in Beijing’s forests. Red leaves, green cypress trees and the Great Wall make for a beautiful picture. The Badaling Great Wall area has sumacs that turn red and purpleblow maples that remain gold.

Badaling Great Wall is one of the first places to get red leaves because the mountainous wall has a much lower temperature than downtown Beijing. The wall recently added a new Tenglongtai platform, where visitors can catch a view of the whole wall and its colorful forest surroundings.

Visitors can also see China’s first railway tracks, a bronze statue of their creator Zhan Tianyou, the Qinglongqiao train station and the Badaling highway.

Late September – Late October
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Beigong Forest Park

Beigong Forest Park was built in 2002 and opened to public in 2007. It is the nearest forest park from the city center.

Beigong Forest Park has the most varieties of plants. Trees with red leaves and other colors occupy some 3,000 hectares of parkland centered on the lake. Species include maples, sumacs, torches, luan trees, golden elms, ginkgoes, dawn redwoods, privets, tilias, dwarf cherries and cherry plums.

Beigong Forest Park is also known for many beautiful locations in the park. Langpoding is the main mountain in the park. The north side of the mountain is a cliff caused by an earthquake. Qiushiyuan is the place where visitors can pick different fruits in harvest season. There are also valleys, hills, streams and towers in the park that offer different views.

Early October – Mid-November


Jinhaihu is a lake in Pinggu district. The lake offers a wide view of the surrounding lakes and mountains. In summer, the area is covered in green, and in autumn, its red leaves resemble a burning fire.

The lake is also a popular destination for water sports. There are more than 30 kinds of entertainment sports available in the area.

Jinhaihu also has its own attractions. At the mountain peak there is a pigeon cave where hundreds of pigeons roost.

Wanghaiting is a hexagonal pavilion made of Taihu stones. The pavilion has three paired couplets written by the modern painters Wu Changshuo, Shen Sifu and Wang Zhen. The pavilion also has the best view of the lake.

Early October – Early November


Baiwangshan is quieter and more comfortable than Xiangshan for enjoying the fall colors. It doesn’t require a parking permit and is only 3 kilometers far from the Summer Palace.

The best place in Baiwangshan to see red leaves is the Friendship Pavilion, which has a wider view of the woods area. The path has small ramps where visitors can have a slow walk while getting a close look at the red leaves.

Another place is Lanfeng Pavilion on the top of mountain. It has the best view of both red leaves and green pine trees. Visitors can see the most beautiful sunset in Beijing at the top of the mountain.

Late October – Mid-November

Honglou Temple

Hongluo Temple is located in Huairou district. The temple is 55 kilometers from the city center and a national level tourist attraction.

Hongluo Temple, also known as Daming Temple, was built in Ming dynasty. It is bounded by the Hongluo Mountain on its north and Hongluo Lake on its south. The temple area has some 4,000 hectares of red leaves and other colorful leaves and much less traffic than Xiangshan Park.

A chair lift carries visitors up and down the mountain. Outside the temple there are small farmhouses that provide visitors with organic food, and a nearby market sells homemade products from the farms.

Late October

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