Chī Tŭ (吃土)

Chī Tŭ is an expression born last week, when Taobao reported record sales, of 91.2 billion yuan, on the famous Chinese shopping day of November 11. People shopped a lot and joked that they spent almost all their money. Chī Tŭ means “eat soil.” People said that because they were broke, they would eat only soil in the next month.


Tuō Dān (脱单)

November 11 is Singles’ Day in China because 11.11 looks like four single people. People who are single are called “Dan Shen” in Chinese. Tuō Dān means getting rid of being single. On this day, some men confess to the girls they have crushes on to get rid of being single. Some couples also get their marriage certificates on November 11 to permanently rid themselves of being single.


Gŏu Dài (狗带)

Gŏu Dài literally means “Dog String,” which makes no sense. During one of his rap concerts, Chinese celebrity Huang Zitao sang, “I won’t easily go die.” He said “I won’t easily” in Chinese, and “go die” in English. But when Huang pronounced the phrase in English, it sounded more like Gŏu Dài rather than “go die.” Netizens began using Gŏu Dài to express their feelings of desperation.

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