Zuì Yòu
Zuì Yòu is a simple phrase that translates roughly into “The first on the right side.” It’s often used on Weibo, where people can repost friends’ posts. When a user reposts something on Weibo, he or she can choose to retain the friend’s initial comments or delete them. When someone makes a ridiculous or funny comment, netizens often repost it and say Zuì Yòu, meaning that they agree with what the person originally said.

Nǜe Gŏu
Young Chinese often call single people Dānshēn Gŏu, which means single dog, when they want to make fun of them. Nǜe means torture, and Nǜe Gŏu means torture the single dogs. Single people will say “Don’t Nǜe Gŏu” when they see their friends posting sweet pictures with their boyfriend or girlfriend.

Qián Shuĭ
Qian Shui means diving, but in net speak it means looking at what friends are doing on social media but never posting anything or commenting on others’ posts. There is no way for the other friends to know whether someone is online if he or she is Qián Shuĭ.

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