BGM is an abbreviation for background music. Netizens often say that a person “is born with BGM,” which means that he or she has a strong personality. It also means the person is charming; when he or she appears, it feels like there’s background music playing automatically.

Tiăn Píng (舔屏)

Tiăn Píng is an exaggerate expression to describe fans who see a superstar on their phones or computers. Tiăn means lick, and Píng means screen. Netizens often say, “XXX is so charming that he makes all his female fans Tiăn Píng (lick the screen) when he appears in the news.” However, no one really licks the screen.

Wăng Hóng (网红)

We have previously introduced readers to famous people in social media, such as Ye Liangchen, Long Aotian and Zhao Ritian. People who have become famous because of funny or absurd things they’ve said or done are called Wăng Hóng. Wăng Luò Hóng Rén means famous people online. There are different kinds of Wăng Hóng in Chinese social media, such as beautiful girls who work part time as models, famous bloggers and professionals in various fields.

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