After more than 25 years of language and cultural work in China, Goethe-Institut China has a new location in 798 to provide its cultural programs.

The institute is hosting a series of events to mark the opening starting October 29. Terrence Ngassa & Band (Cologne), DJ 1van and X.L.F (Beijing), Jacob Korn (Dresden) and White will perform in 798 to kick off the series.

Ngassa is one of the hottest trumpet players in Europe’s jazz scene. Originally from Cameroon, he quickly made a name for himself as a star virtuoso. He combines his African roots with European tradition and American musical culture in a masterful fashion.

DJ 1van Binary is a member of CiQi-party, as well as DJ and producer of the label Zarah Music. He started his music career as a DJ in 2013 with a specialization in minimal house, dub techno and ambient, and he endeavors to explore new boundaries in music.

XLF (Xiao Linfeng) is a DJ and recording artist and the co-founder of Acupuncture Records. As a DJ, XLF is recognized for his diverse electronic music styles and praised for creating a “sense of audio history.”

Jacob Korn is from Dresden, Germany and was born in the early 1980s. In addition to his work in interfacing audio, video and dance, Korn has been producing electronic music for what seems like an eternity. His sound is influenced by Kraftwerk and the sound of 90s techno and house.

Early in his career he combined Hip Hop and Techno with elements of Jazz and weird electronics under the moniker Granufunk. Under his civil name he is focusing on classic but versatile Techno and House.

After releases on labels such as Running Back, Skylax and Permanent Vacation, a brilliant first release on Steffi’s Dolly Label (the highly acclaimed Supakrank) and of course Uncanny Valley, he now spearheads the German house scene with his tracks and remixes as well as his live sets.

White is the project group of Carsick Cars frontman Zhang Shouwang and Wang Xu, the acclaimed drummer of The Gar. They describe the project as a “hardware electronica band” with Shouwang in charge of vocals and customized keyboards, pedals and loops, while Wang Xu plays drums and a sampler that generates the pulsing and rolling background beats.

Their music flaunts some brilliant sparks as it reflects the duo’s minimalist taste, creating delicate structures surrounded by a field of noise. One of their fans describes their live shows as “a detailed and accurate cell division.”

On October 30, the institute is inviting the audience to meet and speak with curators. On October 31 it will host an international forum to explore the topic of whether design can change a society.

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