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This Week…

Q. I am looking to buy health insurance in China next year. I’d like to get insurance that would cover hospital stays for more serious stuff, not only checkups. Do you have any recommendations? It would be great if it weren’t too expensive.

A. It’s definitely a wise choice to get covered for medical treatments in China. If you work here, your employer will offer a basic health insurance plan. You can also buy an individual insurance policy. China doesn’t have a consistent system for private health insurance, so prices can vary widely (from 3,000 yuan to as much as 30,000 yuan per year), depending on factors such as age and medical history, but also on the types of treatments covered by the policy.

If you need more information about health care, health insurance and other expat health-related issues, you can check out the expat health blog Good luck!

Q. How far along can you be pregnant to be allowed to travel in and out of China?

A. This kind of restrictions are mostly determined by airline policies and regulations. It’s better to ask the airline’s customer service directly.

Q. I grew up in a very quiet area, and the constant noise here slowly builds up stress in me. Is there any way to escape the constant noise?

A. You must be living somewhere near the city center. Try relocating to a suburban neighborhood surrounded by hills and trees, or go to the seaside, where the waves create a different kind of silence.

Q. Are there any religious temples in China?

A. China Highlights has a list of the best temples in Beijing. You might want to check it out:

Q. We’re moving to China soon, and I would like to transfer files using a cloud storage system. The instructions for the Chinese ones are all in Mandarin. Do you have any recommendations on what’s accessible, has good storage (2TB min) and has instructions in English?

A. Dropbox works perfectly fine here. Many expatriates use Dropbox for work and daily life, so don’t worry about it.

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