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This Week…

Q. What are the most popular job search websites for foreigners?

A. For non-teaching jobs try, where you can also search in English. Some chambers of commerce, including the American and German chambers of commerce, allow their members to post job listings on their websites.

Q. I’ve tried linking my China Merchants Bank card to WeChat to no avail. The bank people said my information is all correct and it’s probably a WeChat problem. Why is that?

A. It’s actually very easy. We’re guessing that the only problem is your name. You have to figure out how your bank has it written in its database and try to type it right when you’re linking your card to WeChat. Try several times; you’ll make it.

Q. What is the best forum for foreigners in China?

A. Try InterNations’ Beijing Section: It is quite popular among expats in Beijing. It has good online talks as well as offline get-togethers. Another popular platform is /r/china. You can comment on articles and chat with others.

Q. How can I buy sports tickets online?

A. We recommend It’s a popular online ticket seller, whose website has an English version as well. Hope it helps.

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