Lù Zhuăn Fĕn (路转粉)

Lù Zhuăn Fĕn is a popular saying on social media that describes netizens’ changing attitudes toward celebrities. Lù means passers-by, and in this context it describes netizens who have no feelings toward a celebrity. Zhuăn means to transfer or to become, and Fĕn means fans. Lù Zhuăn Fĕn describes people who at first are indifferent about a celebrity, but after they watch their movies or listen to their songs, they become fans.

Fĕn Zhuăn Hēi (粉转黑)

Fĕn Zhuăn Hēi is a similar expression describing fans. Fĕn and Zhuăn have the same meaning as above. Hēi literally means black, but in net speak it often means to attack or say something negative about someone. Fĕn Zhuăn Hēi describes netizens who previously liked a celebrity but eventually came to dislike him or her. Both Lù Zhuăn Fĕn and Fĕn Zhuăn Hēi are used as verbs.


Mă means horse, but on Weibo and WeChat, it means “repost and will read it later.” The expression comes from the pronunciation of “mark.” When netizens see some interesting or useful information on social media, and they don’t have time to read it, they repost and mark it to remind themselves to read it later.

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