Last week, we told you the story of Ye Liangchen, a man who became famous on the Chinese social media for defending his girlfriend (Click here Net Speak 101). This week, we’ll introduce other interesting social media figures. Together with Ye Liangchen, they are the “Four most famous figures in the online world.”


Zhào Rìtiān(赵日天)

Zhào Rìtiān is the main character in a series of funny and absurd stories written in 2013 by an anonymous netizen on a popular forum. The netizen started telling a story and others continued, making it a series. In the story, Zhào Rìtiān is a proud, arrogant and presumptuous man who fears nothing and no one.

In 2014, another netizen uploaded a song called “My Name is Zhào Rìtiān,” based on the melody of “What Makes You Beautiful.” The lyrics and music video were so funny that the song became instantly popular. Several months later, an illustrator drew a comic series about Zhào Rìtiān. After Ye Liangchen became a social media hit, netizens would say that “Zhào Rìtiān is defeated. Ye Liangchen is the most powerful.”


Lóng Àotiān(龙傲天)

Lóng Àotiān is also a character in an online novel. He is often teased by readers for his arrogance and ignorance. Later his name became an attribute for people who are handsome, strong and see themselves as superheroes.


Fú Ĕrkāng(福尔康)

Fú Ĕrkāng was a character in the famous TV series Princess Pearl from the late 1990s. The series made many new actors and actresses super stars, including Zhao Wei, who is now an award-winning actor and director; Lin Xinru, who owns her own studio; and Fan Bingbing, one of the most popular celebrities in China.

Netizens found out that Zhou Jie, who played Fú Ĕrkāng in the series, hasn’t played any other notable parts since. But Fú Ĕrkāng is now popular on social media for his exaggerated facial expressions. Netizens made gifs (short animations) of Fú Ĕrkāng’s facial expressions, matching the images with funny words. Netizens said that this way Zhou Jie can also be famous for his acting in the series that provided them with thousands of funny stickers.

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