Ruăn Mèi Bì (软妹币)

The abbreviation of Ruăn Mèi Bì is RMB, the same as Rén Mín Bì, the Chinese currency. Ruăn Mèi Bì is used as another way to say Rén Mín Bì. In some online games, to avoid cheating or fraud, Rén Mín Bì is blocked. The first to use Ruăn Mèi Bì instead was a community where people shared pictures and cartoons of lovely young girls, who are called Ruăn Mèi.

Bài (败)

Bài means failure in Mandarin, but now it has acquired new meanings in social media. The pronunciation of Bài is similar to “buy” in English, so Bài is used as Măi (Măi means buy). When a wife or woman in general likes to spend a lot of money shopping, people often say she is so Bài Jiā, which means she almost ruined the family by spending all the money.

Ān Lì (安利)

Ān Lì is the Chinese name for Amway, the famous brand known for its successful advertisement. Now Ān Lì also means to introduce or recommend. When someone finds a good product or restaurant, he or she will say “I’m gonna Ān Lì this to you.”

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