XīnLǐ YīnYǐng MiànJi(心理阴影面积)
XīnLǐ YīnYǐng MiànJi literally means the “shadowed area around my heart.” XīnLǐ means heart, YīnYǐng means shadow and MiànJi means area. It sounds similarly to a math problem, such as please calculate the shadowed area of the circle, which is “YīnYǐng MiànJi.”

When bad things happened to someone at a young age, they might say it wounded their heart or left them with bad memories, which means “XīnLǐ YīnYǐng.” Now people combine the two expressions to say that they’ve had bad luck and their hearts are wounded.

Yè Liángchén(叶良辰)
Yè Liángchén is a young man who became very popular recently. When Yè found out that his girlfriend, who didn’t spend much time at her campus dorm, was asked by the dorm manager to clean up the dorm just like the other students, Yè became angry and sought out the dorm manager to “defend” his girlfriend.

Someone posted screenshots of the dialogue between Yè and the dorm manager, and netizens thought Yè was arrogant. He told the manager things like: “If you really want to play with Liángchén, you can try;” “Please be tolerant. Liángchén will thank you;” “You don’t have to know who I am. It’s enough to know I’m Yè Liángchén.”

Netizens now use the name Yè Liángchén to jokingly threaten their friends. There are even stickers featuring Yè Liángchén’s “famous” sentences on social media.

Wǒ Jìng Wú Yán Yǐ Duì (我竟无言以对)
Wǒ Jìng Wú Yán Yǐ Duì means, “I can’t believe that I have nothing to say in reply.” People often use the sentence when their friends made a dark joke that they can’t understand, or when they want to tease their friends.

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