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This Week…

Q. Does street graffiti have the same negative connotations in China as it does in other countries? Where I come from, graffiti represents urban decay, social degradation, gang activity, etc. Is it just street art here?

A. Years before, an American made a documentary on graffiti artists in Beijing and found that graffiti is regarded as a middle-and-upper-class endeavor, simply based on the money factor. That leaves Beijing with only a small number of graffiti artists.

The producer filmed them doing their work and revealed that graffiti artists mostly work in daylight and don’t usually run into trouble with police. This means that in terms of graffiti culture, Beijing is “safe and open, and that was the most surprising thing,” the producer said.

Q. I’ve just moved to Beijing for work for the next seven weeks, however, as I came on a relative short notice, I need to get two follow-on rabies vaccinations. The only clinics I found want to charge 1,280 yuan for a consultation that I don’t feel I need. Do you know where I could get the injection without having to pay a huge consultation fee?

A. Try to call the German/French Embassy Doctor and check the costs: 8531 2144.2139. Hope it helps.

Q. We are expecting a baby in three months (both parents Indians), and we are worried about the registration process because we plan to visit India after four months. I know that I need to apply for a passport at the Indian Embassy, but what about the visa?

A. Congratulations on your soon to be newborn! Seeing that your baby will be able to claim Indian citizenship by blood, we don’t see any reason for it to need a visa. You just need to register it as an Indian citizen at the Indian Embassy according to this paragraph:

From 3 December 2004 onwards, persons born outside of India shall not be considered citizens of India unless their birth is registered at an Indian diplomatic mission within one year of the date of birth. In certain circumstances it is possible to register after one year with the permission of the Central Government. The application for registration of the birth of a minor child must be made to an Indian diplomatic mission and must be accompanied by an undertaking in writing from the parents of such minor child that he or she does not hold the passport of another country.

However, your baby may need some kind of approval to travel with you upon your return to China. You should ask Chinese visa officials about that. There is also no timeline for how long the registration will take.

Q. Can anybody recommend a video production company in Beijing?

A. We think is a good option. Check it out:

Q. I’m about to open a business on my wife’s name. I’d like to know about the official costs. The business will be in real estate.

A. Each local government in China has different requirements for registering businesses. So our suggestion is that you ask your Chinese wife to arrange a meeting with the investment bureau at the government offices where you wish to establish the business and go with her to meet the officials responsible for registering businesses.

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