Locals and expats met for a day of exploration and adventure around Houhai on Aug. 23. Hidden City Game teams of two to four participants were given 150 minutes to complete the challenge.

Hidden City Game offers three challenge levels: Masters, Explorers and Rushers.

Masters participants are expected to have played the game previously.

Their questions are more difficult, and they must complete approximately 40 questions and walk 5 to 7 kilometers under strict rules.
Explorers are beginners or players who are not interested in intense competition. They can arrive early and are given an easier set of 25 questions. Explorers can take their time to explore the area, rest or explore nearby temples and sites of interest.

Rushers can arrive late for a fast event. They get the same set of 25 questions as the explorers, yet play without the luxury of time, with a game time lasting 90 to 120 minutes. Explorers and Rushers walk 4 to 5 kilometers.

For this event, participants started at the Shichahai Sport School of Beijing, located in the heart of Beijing on the west bank of Shichahai.

The school’s alumni include 33 world champions and seven Olympic champions in table tennis, Wushu, chess, gymnastics and badminton.
Teams met to pick up their English and Chinese instructions and questions, and then moved on to begin the event.

Answers to the questions were hidden in nearby areas and historic sites. Participants had to observe carefully along the way to avoid missing important details.

Teams collected points by visiting designated spots and completing tasks, such as kicking a shuttlecock, finding doves, taking photos with tourists and passing laser lights.

Teams who finished all their tasks headed to the terminal in Houhai Park, handed in their answer sheets and waited for the judges to announce the winners.

The best teams won a trophy and eight prizes from sponsors. The total value of these prizes was 7,000 to 9,000 yuan.

About Hidden City Game

The Hidden City Game has been held six times. It is an event for up to four participants that brings together young Beijing locals, expatriates, friends of expatriates and corporate teams.

Interested players can register and pay for the event online. The cost is 60 yuan per player. Players who pay using WeChat can save 20 percent.

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