Jiàn Pán Xiá (键盘侠)

Jiàn Pán Xiá, or keyboard man, is a popular expression that first appeared in a comic series that portrayed netizens who are coward and selfish but always make exaggerated or fake statements online.

For example, in the case of disasters, when other people take action and donate or help, Jiàn Pán Xiá just sit in front of their computer, saying that all should lend a hand, while gossiping about which company did nothing to help or which celebrity earns billions of yuan but only donated a little.

The phrase also describes people who are not good at talking in person but ace online chatting.

Jiē Pán Xiá(接盘侠)

Jiē Pán Xiá, also known as J.P. Man, describes a man who married a girl with a complicated love history. Some girls like dating handsome men and have sex with them when they are young. As they get older, they want to settle down and find someone to marry. Usually they go to the man who has loved them for many years. Such men who wait for years and don’t care about the girl’s past (sometimes the girl is even pregnant) are called Jiē Pán Xiá.

Zhòng Yào De Shì Qíng Shuō Sān Biàn(重要的事情说三遍)

Zhòng Yào De Shì Qíng Shuō Sān Biàn originated in a Japanese cartoon called 這いよる! ニャルアニ. The cartoon’s main character repeatedly says: “Important things need to be repeated three times. Important things need to be repeated three times. Important things need to be repeated three times. Magic will happen.”

Also, in Charlotte’s Web, a book by E.B White, the goose always repeats important things three times. Now people repeat three times the things they want to emphasize. Zhòng Yào De Shì Qíng means important things, and Shuō Sān Biàn means repeat three times.

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