233 means big laugh. The number first appeared on mop.com, a popular Chinese BBS. People like to post a sticker of a laughing face when they see something ridiculous, and that sticker’s code is 233. Later, people started just typing 233 instead of inserting the sticker. They often add more 3s – like 2333333 – to express serious online laughter.

Qián Fāng Gāo Néng

Qián Fāng Gāo Néng is a phrase that appears frequently on Bilibili, a website that streams films, funny videos and cartoons, etc. The phrase often appears in the stream of real-time comments from viewers who are watching the video at the same time. Second-time viewers are warning others that there are some horrible scenes coming up soon so that people can be prepared.

QiánFāng means at the front, and GāoNéng means powerful and strong.


6666 first appeared in the popular online game League of Legends (LOL). In the game, 6666 has two meanings. First, 6 is pronounced as liù, which is a colloquial expression for skillful. So when people type 6666, it can mean that they admire someone’s gaming skills. Secondly, the pronunciation of 6 in Chinese is similar to liū, which means run away or escape. In the game, when one types 6666 to other team members, he or she wants to warn them of dangers nearby and tell them to run away. It’s much easier to type a number than a Chinese word during a fierce game. Now people also use 6666 on different social platforms.

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