Wŏ De Nèi Xīn Jī Hū Shì Bēng Kuì De (我的内心几乎是崩溃的)

Wŏ De Nèi Xīn Jī Hū Shì Bēng Kuì De means “My heart almost crashed and broke.” It was the first widely circulated Internet expression in 2015 to originate on TV. Chen Anni, the 22-year-old CEO of a thriving technology company, first said it during a TV interview, and the sentence became popular.
Chen became famous for her comic series I Only Live 1 Percent of My Life, and the company made an app to promote the comic. In the first month, the app was downloaded more than 1 million times, making Chen a successful representative of the ’90s generation.

Now the sentence is widely used in social media to describe depressing or annoying situations that people experience. It is also used sarcastically among friends.



Shàng Jiāo Guó Jiā (上交国家)

Shàng Jiāo Guó Jiā is a line in the famous online TV series The Lost Tomb, which is based on the eponymous novel series. In the novel, the main character, Wu Xie, is a tomb robber. But in the online series, Wu Xie wants the other robbers to return the treasure to the country without asking for an award.

The storyline in the online series has been modified because a story about robbing tombs to make money wouldn’t have passed the propaganda bureau’s guidelines. But thousands of fans came up with the sentence – which means “give it back to the country” – to express their dissatisfaction with the change in the online series.


Yuán Fāng, Nĭ Zěn Me Kàn (元芳,你怎么看)

Yuán Fāng, Nĭ Zěn Me Kàn is also a line in a TV series. Yuan Fang is a famous assistant detective from the Song dynasty. His leader is detective Di Renjie, who serves empress Wu Zetian.

Di Renjie is an extremely smart detective who solves every case without mistake. However, he always asks his assistant Yuan Fang, “What do you think of this, Yuan Fang?” The sentence is repeated every time, and viewers began to make fun of it. When there is a popular event or breaking news, netizens ask one another, “What do you think of this, Yuan Fang?”


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