Rén Chŏu Jiù Yào Duō Dú Shū (人丑就要多读书)

Rén Chŏu Jiù Yào Duō Dú Shū means, “If someone is ugly, he or she has to make up for it up by reading books.”

Rén means people, Chŏu means ugly, Jiù Yào means should or have to, Duō is more and Dú Shū is reading books. The sentence is often accompanied by similar sentences such as: “If someone is fat, he or she has to eat less; if someone is ugly, he or she has to make up for it by reading more books”; and “If someone is not handsome and rich, he or she has to read more books; if someone is ugly, he or she has to make up for it by reading more books.”

The expression is often used when bantering with friends. Now WeChat even has a sticker to illustrate the sentence.

Găo Siào (搞Siào)

Găo Siào was originally pronounced Găo Xiào, which means funny or ridiculous. Xiào means to laugh.

In the popular reality show Dad, Where Are We Going?, Huang Yici, the daughter of Huang Lei, who is a famous actor and a teacher at Beijing Film Academy, first said Găo Siào because of the loss of her front teeth. The lovely girl’s mistake has become the normal way to say Găo Xiào.

Fá Mù Lèi (伐木累)

Fá Mù Lèi also originated in a reality show. In Running Man, Deng Chao, a famous actor, wanted to say, “We are family” to his teammates, but what he actually said was, “We are Fá Mù Lèi.” Funny enough, he claimed that he used to be an excellent English student.

Deng used to be regarded as a cool and serious man, but since he showed his “standard English pronunciation” he has become a funny public figure and has attracted more fans. His Fá Mù Lèi is used on different social platforms.

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