Kang Jae Kyu, the South Korean director of Shiri and Taegukgi, visited the Korean Culture Center earlier this month for a personal film festival.

Opening on September 14, the six-day event showcased Kang’s films Shiri, Taegukgi, May Way and Jang-su Sahng-hoe. A meet-up with the director was held at Indigo on September 18.

Having directed three films that failed to enter China’s theaters, Kang said he was very excited that his latest work Jang-su Sahng-hoe will finally be viewed by Chinese moviegoers.

“Even though China and South Korea have established a close relationship in the past decade and the two countries are neighbors, getting my films into China for a public screening takes a really long time,” said Kang.

Kang said having his film viewed in a cinema was a great reward. He hopes that in the future more South Korean movies can enter China’s market and more Chinese films can enter South Korea’s to strengthen the cultural exchange.

Kang’s latest work is an elderly couple’s love story that intertwines with the fear of death and the remembrance of youth. The story is heartwarming and shows the audience how a loving and accepting relationship can conquer fear.

The plot follows Sung-chil, a grumpy 70-year-old man who lives alone and works part-time at the local supermarket. Jang-soo, owner of the supermarket and president of the city’s redevelopment project, has been trying in vain to get Sung-chil’s signature, but he stubbornly refuses any change to his lifestyle.

Then he meets his new neighbor Geum-nim, a feisty yet friendly elderly lady who runs the flower shop next door. Despite his age, Sung-chil is inexperienced and clumsy at romance so the entire town cheers him on and helps him court her. But Geum-nim’s daughter Min-jung disapproves of the relationship.

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