Since making a name for himself as a guest consultant on the popular dating show You Are the One, Lejia has expanded into roles as a host, speaker and author. He’s also an instructor and guest professor at Wuhan University and the Shanghai Theatre Academy.

Most of Lejia’s books promote his Four-colors Personality Analysis system, and To the Single You, published in August, is no exception.

The book is split into four basic parts that purport to explain the four stages in relationship. While it claims to be teaching its readers how to find their soul mate, it’s really teaching readers about themselves.

But compare to Lejia’s earlier books that contained graphic descriptions of his sexual exploits, To the Single You attempts to impart some useful knowledge.

Four-colors Personality Analysis attempts to pigeonhole human characteristics into the colors red, green, blue and yellow.

We’re not sure what color Lejia really is. It might be whichever is most successful at losing fans and readers.

After acknowledging a 17-year-old daughter he never knew he had and divorcing his wife, Lejia’s TV antics have cast a dark shadow over his world of color.

On a recent Super Speaker aired June 6, Lejia stormed the studio with two bottles of strong baijiu and forced a disabled speaker to drink with him. When the other judges tried to step in, Lejia lapsed into shouting, cursing and exaggerated gestures that scared the audience and emptied the studio.

His defenders claim that’s just the Lejia brand, and that couched within his offensive actions was a touching and inspiring speech.

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