Ask Beijing Today is our weekly attempt to make life in China less confusing. Whether it’s tracking down the papers to apply for a Chinese green card, dealing with KTV-crazy neighbors or finding the best buy on saffron, we are happy to help.

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This Week…

Q. What’s the best way to go to Ulan Bator from Beijing?

A. There are some international trains traveling from China to Russia, Mongolia, North Korea, Kazakhstan and Vietnam. Travel China Guide listed some train numbers; have a look:

Q. I am going to transfer from a first-tier city to another first-tier city. I work for a big company with branches in many cities and have support regarding paperwork, but it seems like a good idea to consult a second source.

A. First you need to have your residence permit for the city where you work. You can have a valid residence permit for Beijing, but if you live in Shanghai, you are technically there illegally. For a new job or a new city you need a new residence permit.

Q. How can I get a scholarship for a PhD in China?

A. We suggest that you check the official Chinese scholarship website for more information:

Q. Is it possible for foreign students to work in China?

A. An X-1 visa, or long-term student visa, allows you to have an internship provided by the school you are enrolled in and related to your field of study. As long as you get permission from your university and have the appropriate paperwork, internships should not be a problem. But these things change quickly, so ask your university to make sure you are doing things right.

Q. Can I open a bank account in China as a tourist?

A. As far as we know, it’s getting very difficult now. Banks are supposed to require resident permits and work contracts. But rules change all the time, and the only way to find out for sure is to go to a bank and try.

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