In the Chinese mind, the words “Paris?and “France” are synonymous with romance. The French capital is one of China’s most popular honeymoon destinations.

To bring a French vibe to the capital’s residents and build on the success of the 2014 Romance Autumn Festival, the Alliance Francaise de Pekin is introducing a series of cultural events on its 2015 Romance Autumn Festival agenda.

Events include Baroque music performances and exhibitions of French literature, painting and art.

The Prisoner of Dreams is an exhibition that Alliance Francaise organized to question the comic form through the works of Marc-Antoine Mathieu. It explores the role of comic strips in modern times with 23 exhibits mainly coming from Mathieu’s comic series Julius Corentin Acquefacques.
Mathieu is a self-discipline comic book writer who pushes the art to its limits, exploring its boundaries and the external boundaries of our universe.

Like those leading artists in the French New Wave Movement, his comic strips feature a philosophical line. It’s that essential French feature that makes this exhibition a representative of French culture.

Paris Alongside the Seine is another photography exhibition included in the Romance Autumn Festival.

Almost every city situated near water has some natural links with the static and constantly flowing object. Paris is no exception.

While it’s common knowledge that the Notre Dame Cathedral is the epicenter of Paris, the real essence of the city is captured by the river Seine. On a metaphesical level, the river is a type of mirror in which the city finds its own reflection.

The Seine River not only captures modern Paris: it has mesmerized and seduced since pre-medieval times. Bifurcating the city of Paris into left and right banks, the river has served as a source of sustenance, commerce and breathtaking perspectives since the day the city began.

The exhibition is set to display old banks and beaches alongside the Seine River and the living scenes of nearby Parisians. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Paris Plages, the French capital’s beach festival. The Alliance Francaise expects to restore the intimate link between Parisians and the Seine River through this exhibition.

Other cultural events include a Parent-Child Symposium with Jeanne Ashbe, featuring the respected French children’s writer and illustrator, the Stradivaria, Journey of Humor, a Baroque-style music concert that features musician Dominique Visse on Sept. 24, and Guo Gan and Adrien Frasse Sombet, a string duo concert featuring two exceptional performers from China and France on Sept. 26.

More information about the Romance Autumn Festival is available on Alliance Francaise’s official website at

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