Xià Sĭ Băo Băo Le(吓死宝宝了)

The sentence means someone was shocked and almost died. Xià Sĭ means “shock to death,” and Băo Băo means small baby. Le means already. People say Băo Băo to refer to themselves, and they want to say that they are like fragile babies that need care and love. People who use this expression want to be sarcastic about something they’ve heard or seen.


Míng Míng Kě Yĭ Kào Liăn Chī Fàn, Què Piān Piān Yào Kào Cái Huá(明明可以靠脸吃饭,却偏偏要靠才华)

The sentence is used to express jealousy of people who possess both beautiful faces and bodies, and have talent and professional skills. Míng Míng Kě Yĭ Kào Liăn Chī Fàn means “they definitely can live on their beautiful face,” and Què Piān Piān Yào Kào Cái Huá means, “but they choose to live on their talent.” People also use the sentence to describe themselves when they want to show off both their beauty and talent. But some just use this expression ironically.


Wŏ Dú Shū Shăo, Nĭ Bú Yào Piàn Wŏ(我读书少,你不要骗我)

This sentence means: “I didn’t read many books. Please don’t lie to me.” People say this when they’ve heard something strange or new. It’s an ironic way to say: “I’m not educated, and I know little about the world. I’m innocent.”

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