Bì Dōng (壁咚)

Since the popular TV series Silent Separation, also called HeyiShengxiao Mo, has aired on several TV stations, always managing to score top ratings, a new verb, Bì Dōng, has entered the Chinese vocabulary.

In the series, He Yichen is a dream husband. But most importantly, his love story with Zhao Mosheng is full of kisses. He often kisses Zhao in a rude way. He pushes her against the wall and forcefully kisses her. Netizens are calling such behavior “Bì Dōng.” Bì means wall and Dōng is the sound of hitting the wall. Now girls say, “I want to be Bì Dōng-ed by someone.”


Xīn Sè (心塞)

Xīn Sè, also called Xīn Sài, is the abbreviation of Xīn Jī Gěng Sè, acute myocardial infarction. But now the phrase is used as joke when someone is at a loss for words. For example, a woman will say “I’m Xīn Sè” when all her friends are married while she is still single.


Yán Zhí (颜值)

Yán Zhí is a new word used to evaluate a person’s appearance. Yán means face or appearance, and Zhí means value. Netizens often say that someone’s Yán Zhí is very high to express their appreciation for his or her beautiful appearance.

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