Yù Zhái(御宅)
In Japanese, Yù Zhái means “your highness.” But the phrase now refers to people who enjoy staying at home and are addicted to their hobbies such as animation or computer games. Most people think Yù Zhái are hard to communicate with and understand. Maybe because Yù Zhái spend too much time in front of computers, their classic image includes a pair of glasses and casual clothes.

The word can also be used to describe professionals or people who are very interested in a specific area.

men sao
Mēn Sāo ( 闷骚)
Mēn Sāo first appeared in Hong Kong and Macao and was transliterated from “Man Show.” Mēn Sāo do not want to reveal their feelings or thoughts. They have a cold appearance but are warm inside. They look reserved even though they always long for something.

Shén Mè Gŭi(什么鬼)
Shén Mè Gŭi is a popular phrase among young people. When they are surprised or curious about something, young people like to say this phrase, which is similar to “What the hell is this?” in English.

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