Rán Bìng Luăn

Rán Bìng Luăn is the abbreviation of a sentence that expresses a superior attitude and could be translated into, “However, it’s useless.” The abbreviation is based on the sentence’s Cantonese pronunciation, which is similar to other dialects in China’s mainland. In Sichuan province, “Luăn” is also used in a different expression, “Guān Nĭ Luăn Shì,” which means “It’s none of your business.” In Suzhou, Jiangsu province, “Luăn” also stands for degree.


Xiăo Què Xìng

Xiăo Què Xìng is an abbreviation of a Chinese sentence that means, “The tiny things or moments that bring people happiness.” The phrase first appeared in an essay by Japanese writer Haruki Murakami and originally meant “fleeting happiness.” Chinese translator Lin Shaohua has said, “Every Xiăo Què Xìng can last for three seconds or a whole day.”


Chéng Huì Wán

Chéng Huì Wán means, “People like you who live in big cities are really creative and know how to play.” It’s an ironic expression directed at Chinese actress Zhang Xinyu, who at the opening ceremony of the 68th Cannes Film Festival wore an ample dress with green and red flowers. Netizens have said that the pattern on her dress is similar to traditional quilts made in Northeast China suburbs. While haute couture inspired by traditional prints is well-regarded in other countries, Chinese were not impressed by Zhang’s dress and were especially displeased with the red-and-green combination, which they consider tasteless.

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