Police in Jiande, Hangzhou arrested a grave robber who visited the local cemeteries every day and emptied more than 200 tombs in two months on June 24.

Police received several calls about suspected grave robbing at cemeteries in Meicheng, Qiantan, Qintang, Xin Anjiang and Tonglu from the end of May.

The grave robber identified by surveillance footage and a bus driver was a 30-year old man surnamed Li from Henan province. He married a woman in Jiande in 2009 and divorced in 2012.

After the divorce, Li remained alone in Gujia Village, Meicheng Town where he had no stable job or income. Villagers were surprised how Li suddenly became rich in early May.

Surveillance footage showed Li wandering into Longshan Cemetery in Meicheng in late April. When he found a tomb with a lever, he broke the seal and took out the casket. He reportedly found more than 10 coins inside.

Li used the coins to buy a screwdrivers. The returned to Longshan Cemetery, where he stole a pair of gold earrings off a corpse on his first night.

After being arrested, Li told police he visited more than 10 cemeteries in succession. He said he didn’t remember the exact number of the tombs he robbed, but that it was at least 200.

All together, Li’s grave robbing efforts earned only several thousand yuan.

“I thought of it a safe way to earn money since I snuck into the tombs at midnight,” Li said.

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