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This Week…

Q. What’s the deal with not getting paid on time in China?

A. Due to various circumstances, some companies in China are not able to/won’t pay their employees on time. People are generally unaware of the law regarding back wages and overtime pay, so it is often a case of information asymmetry between the employees and the employers. If your employer consistently doesn’t pay you on time, then you should make a note of each late payment – using your bank account statement – as evidence for any future legal action you may take.

Q. I’m planning to take the GMAT exam this year, and I think I need to take a course. Is there any place in Beijing where I can study (in English) to prepare for the GMAT?

A. You can call the Princeton Review Beijing office and see if they offer classes or find a smart Chinese student who aced the test and have him or her tutor you for cheap or in exchange for English classes.

Q. Where can I buy western-sized clothing? I’m looking for a body shaper and cami.

A. There is a Victoria’s Secret store in Yintai Mall (Guomao) where you might find what you need, and for body shapers you can look up any branch of Aimer.

Q. I’m new in Beijing, and I need some help in taking my driving test. I think I need to pass a computer test.

A. Maybe the most difficult problem for you will be the language during the computer test. Apps like “驾校一点通,” which is the question bank of the computer test, may help you a lot. Good luck!

Q. I’m thinking about buying a cat, but I’m not sure I could easily transport it to the EU. I’ve never tried to travel with pets. I know that they must have chips and passports and should be kept in a quarantine before the flight. Are these rules for international flights only? How long is the quarantine? Is it easy to do in China?

A. Usually, the final-destination countries are the ones requiring a quarantine, not the ones where the pet departs from. That said, here are some tips that will help make your pet’s trip as safe and comfortable as possible:

Airline Selection. Very few airlines implement complete “pet-safe” programs, so it is very important to do your research and ask which airlines are most pet friendly. When traveling to Europe, we recommend Continental, KLM, British Airways and Lufthansa Airlines, all of which have excellent pet programs.

Importing Requirements. With the exception of the UK, Sweden and Norway, requirements for importing dogs, cats and ferrets into the EU are as follows:

  • Microchip. Each pet shall be identified through a microchip.
  • All the animals need to have full vaccinations.
  • EU Vet Health Certificate.
  • Government Endorsement.
  • International Health Certificate.
  • All original documentation must travel with the pets.

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  1. You can take the computerized driving test in English. There are books available (in English) that have all the questions and answers. When I took my test, I spent a few days memorizing all the questions and answers (most of them are common-sense) and passed with 100% correct.

    If you the test, you can retake it the same day. I’ve seen people retake the test three or four times in a row, until they passed.

    I took my test (and actually driving lessons and exams, since I didn’t have an existing drivers license) through “Oriental Fashion Driving School” ( and was very satisfied with their service. They can provide all the materials and lessons in English.

    Daniël Bos / Reply

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