It took eight trips to the funeral parlor over four years before a man in Zhuji, Zhejiang province could obtain the necessary documents to prove that his mother was dead and cremated.

“I took my residence booklet and a certificate from the village to the local civil affairs bureau, but they asked me to get a cremation certificate from the funeral parlor. When I came to the funeral parlor, I was asked to go back to my village for another certificate,” said the man, surnamed He.

“Why does the government create such complex procedures to deal with common issues?” he said.

He’s mother died in 2010. Before she perished, she paid 100 yuan to a rural social endowment insurance agency. According to law, when an insured person dies before collecting their pension, the 100 yuan can be returned.

But to disburse the 100 yuan, the local government demanded a cremation certificate.

The problem was that none of He’s family remembered where the cremation certificate had gone. Staff at the funeral parlor said they needed a death certificate and the ID card of the deceased to reissue it. But after the woman’s death, her ID card and residential information were canceled.

“I’ve been to the funeral parlor eight times, as well as the civil affairs bureau, and spent more than 1,000 yuan on transportation, but I still failed to get the certificate or get back my mom’s 100 yuan insurance deposit,” He said.

Workers at the local government of Anhua, Zhuji said on May 13 that they would simplify the procedure. “People who want to fetch a dead family’s member’s pension payment will only need proof of death from a local police station. This document will be enough for the civil affairs bureau will deal with it,” said a spokesman for the city.

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