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This Week…

Q. I am looking for a store to replace an iPhone6 screen that cracked. What are the best places to go and what’s a fair price? I am in Chaoyang District.

A. Try any of the three Apple retail stores in Beijing. They will provide professional service and there’s no chance of getting a substandard screen. You can find them in Sanlitun, Wangfujing and Xian Dayue.

As for prices, a new screen probably costs $109 (669 yuan), according to official prices issued by Apple. The specific cost may still depend on to what degree your screen is cracked.

Q. My wife wants to buy a guitar, but we have been warned about the amount of fake and low-quality stuff available. I read about a shop called GuGu Music and couldn’t find it.

A. GuGu 123 is a world-class music store and the first of its kind in Beijing. It offers real guitars and basses, straight from the distributors, and includes brands such as Fender, Gibson, Schecter and Warwick. The shop also offers professional guitar repair and service.

GuGu 123
10 am – 9 pm
Room 102, B1, Qiangyou Dasha, Building 32 Minwangyuan, Dongcheng (near the Lama Temple)

Q. I really want to find a Christian Church in Chaoyang that has English services. I mean an actual church – not Christian gatherings.

A. South Cathedral has an English mass on Sundays at 10 am. It is located near the Xuanwumen subway stop. There’s another church in Xisi that’s near the area’s KFC outlet. Head two bus stops north from Xidan and you will find it directly across the street.

Q. Is there anywhere in Beijing to buy maternity clothes that don’t have Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh or just plain dowdiness going on? I’m too old for this lolita look.

A. There are a bunch of maternity shops on the north side of the Dongdan Subway Station. Most of the clothes in the window look comparatively stylish.

The NU2YU Baby Shop has a great selection of Western new and gently used maternity wear, as well as kid’s stuff you can’t find anywhere else in Beijing. It is located near Chaoyang Park and owned and operated by expat.

Q. I recently moved to China from India and looking for Indian TV Service providers. I have heard that there are satellite TV or IPTV options available online.

A. We can recommend one wholesaler who specializes in IPTV. Check out PPIPTV New Media. They provide Internet TV platforms, home network TV software, hardware sales and network TV service. You should be able to get a qualified India IPTV box at a comparatively low price.

PPIPTV New Media

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