After giving birth to a baby in the bathroom, 17-year-old mother Xiaomei (pseudonym) twice attempted to flush the boy down the toilet. When that failed, she removed him and threw him into the wastebasket.

Investigators said the boy died from the impact.

The unnamed boy was the result of a sexual relationship that Xiaomei began with a middle school classmate in Guizhou province in July 2011. In the second year of their romance, Xiaomei came to Beijing to study at a tourism school: that’s when she learned she was pregnant.

“It’s a tragedy that an immature mother would kill her own baby this way,” said Pang Chunzi, a procurator at the first branch of Beijing Municipal People’s Procuratorate, in an interview with the Beijing Evening News.

The first branch of Beijing Municipal People’s Procuratorate prosecuted Xiaomei in June 2013. She was sentenced to three years imprisonment suspended for three years.

She has recently returned to school. Her mother has taken a job as a school janitor to accompany her.

Xiaomei’s story is not unique. Pang said eight young mothers between the ages of 16 and 20 have killed their infants in Beijing since 2011.

Chinese law considers babies to be independent after their first breath, and Pang said many of the young mothers he prosecuted were unaware that babies are considered people and have rights.

“They were all from other cities and were working or studying in Beijing. They entered society too early and had little life experience,” Pang said.

“Behind each of these tragedies is a lack of education in sex, family matters and the law.”

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