Located in Hebei’s Laiyuan County, Baishishan is a sprawling geopark that consists of Mount Baishishan, the Shipuxia Canyon and the Jumayuan Springs.

The park offers a relatively near escape from the bustle of the capital’s downtown and its occasionally toxic air.

Mount Baishishan

With its strange rocks, steep hills and abundant vegetation, Mount Baishishan has been praised as “the most beautiful mountain in the North.”

The mountain has more than 100 peaks, with the main peak rising to a height of more than 2,096 meters. Mount Baishishan is similar in form to Anhui’s famous Mount Huangshan, and it is sometimes known as “the little Huangshan.”

Tourists would be well advised to prepare their water and food in advance: everything in the scenic zone is extremely expensive.

The point of mountain climbing is to appreciate scenery, so tourists should banish the thought of reaching the summit via modern vehicles. No matter whether tourists take a sightseeing bus or cable car up the mountain, both vehicles are incapable of going more than half the way.

There are three touring route: Twin Stones Tourist Route, Buddha Light Summit Tourist Route and Feihu Canyon Tourist Route. The three routes are linked as a ring, so tourists don’t need to fret over which is best.

Tourists out to admire the rocks can find their names on nearby placards. The most famous include the Celestial Basking Boot, Jiang Taigong Fishing, Dolphin Coming Out of the Water, Zhu Bajie Carrying His Wife, The God of Taihang Mountain, Three Caves, and the Pilgrimage of Three Buddhas.

According to the legend, in ancient times, many people came to the mountains to cultivate themselves and study the way. They would practice day and night without rest. Eventually they became one with nature and turned into the god of Mount Baishishan. The rocks were supposedly shaped by locals who were moved by the story.

Mount Baishishan is also known for its sea of clouds. You can appreciate the natural spectacle from three viewing spots: the Pavilion Overlooking the Sea of Clouds, the Meeting of Winds and the Buddha Light Summit.

The clouds are usually only seen in summer and autumn, and only then on the right day. They usually appear after a rainy night and before a sunny day.

The mountains also include a more modern addition: a glass skywalk along a cliff that is China’s widest and longest.

The peak of Mount Baishishan offers a panoramic view of Laiyuan County down below. It’s possible to see as far as the Langya Mountain in Hebei province and Mount Wutai in Shanxi province.

Mount Baishishan
7 am – 6 pm
150 yuan

Shipuxia Canyon

As the name suggests, Shipuxia Canyon consists of 10 waterfalls lying in a canyon between the mountains.

Ten waterfalls with various features, plus bizarre rocks, constitute wonderful Shipuxia Canyon.

This place is suitable for summer tourism.

Jumayuan Springs

The Jumayuan Springs occupies an area of 6 square kilometers.

Although many famous domestic springs around the country have been drying up, the Jumayuan Springs continue to put forth new water.

Because of its large number of springs and large quantities of spring water, Laiyuan is named as “Spring County.”

Shipuxia Canyon
7 am – 6 pm
35 yuan

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