Zhōngèr Bìng (中二病)

In Japanese, Zhōngèr refers to the second year of junior high school and Bìng means disease. Zhōngèr Bìng (中二病) refers to teens who think they are way too different, superior and mature.

Typical Zhōngèr Bìng thinking may include “the world is wrong, not me,” “dark forces are cool,” “I can get pretty good grades even if I just review the material one day before the exam.”

Teens of that age tend to think they are the center of the world and are eager to show off their different and strong personalities. But as time goes on, most grow out of that mindset.



Zhèngtài (正太) is borrowed from the name of Shoutarou Kaneda (金田正太郎), a Japanese anime character dressed in a suit jacket and shorts. Since the series’ debut, Zhèngtài has been used to describe cute and handsome boys between the ages of 3 and 15.

Most people who fancy Zhèngtài are older women who are fascinated by their appearances and treat so-described boys as younger brothers or sons.

The popular teen idol group TF Boys (The Fighting Boys) is one example: the three young teens have countless crazy female fans.



Giant pandas may be the best representative face for the Dāiméng (呆萌): people who look a little dorky and dull. Chubby, expressionless kids are also called Dāiméng.

But the word does not refer exclusively to children. Adults who are childish, simple-minded and easily dazed can also be described as Dāiméng.

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